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How do I apply for a BUMN job listing?

Where should I look to find out about upcoming positions and their requirements? Is a medical check-up necessary? Do I also need a police record certificate (SKCK) as well?




Is this job for real?

I just got a call from PT Doremi, asking me to come for an interview tomorrow. But the document requirements are unclear, and the interview location is not at their office. Is this legit, or should I be worried about a scam?




What major should I pursue for a career in mining?

I'd like to ask everyone. If I want to work in mining or a related field, should I major in materials metallurgy engineering or geophysics? Thanks in advance for your answers.




What's the admin test like?

Hello, I'd like to know what kind of tests are usually given for an admin position? I have an interview later today. Thanks for your answers, friends!

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KitaLulus Company Dashboard?

Our go-to solution for recruitment challenges. The KitaLulus team is incredibly responsive, providing quick solutions and significantly speeding up our hiring with their job promotion feature. The quality of candidates we receive is consistently high, meeting our company's needs and leading to successful hires who stay with us long-term.

Brigita Fani

PT Primafood International

Sebagai rekruter, Kami dituntut untuk dapat mengumpulkan dan menyaring banyak talent. Dengan menggunakan KitaLulus, pekerjaan kita sebagai rekruter menjadi semakin mudah. Apalagi sejak menggunakan KitaMatch, proses seleksi talent tidak membutuhkan waktu lama seperti sebelumnya.

Claudia Dian

PT. Tirtakencana Tatawarna (Avian Brands)


We have compiled answers to frequently asked questions.
If you still have questions, contact us directly via WhatsApp!

01. How can I increase my chances of getting a job?

To enhance your job prospects, craft an outstanding resume that captures attention. Ensure it highlights your relevant professional experiences, academic background, and key skills, making it clear why you are the ideal candidate for the position. For additional guidance, explore the job-seeking advice featured on the KitaLulus blog.

02. Is there a limit to the number of applications that can be submitted through KitaLulus?

With KitaLulus, there are no limits to your ambition. You are encouraged to apply to as many job opportunities as you wish, supporting your journey towards landing your dream job without restrictions.

03. What does 'Urgently Needed' mean on the Career page?

Jobs classified under "Urgently Needed" are posted by companies in immediate need of candidates to fill open positions. If you come across an opportunity in this category that aligns with your skills and interests, we urge you to apply promptly.

04. I have an issue with my job application, where should I report it?

Should you face any difficulties during the application process on KitaLulus, our customer service team is here to assist. Contact us directly via WhatsApp at 085880006500

05. Are job vacancies on KitaLulus available in various cities across Indonesia?

KitaLulus proudly serves jobseekers and employers across more than 300 cities in Indonesia, with our reach continuously growing