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Why Choose KitaLulus Premium Recruitment?

Accelerate Screening Processes

Candidate screening is 2x faster with KitaMatch AI feature!

Amplify Your Job Posting Visibility

Ensure your vacancies stand out by featuring them in our exclusive “Selected Vacancies” category

Job Postings

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited job postings with a single annual payment

Comprehensive Applicant Screening

Utilize our 'Background Check' feature to filter out applicants with criminal records or financial liabilities

Planning to Scale Your Team? We've Got You Covered.

With KitaLulus Premium Recruitment, there's no limit to how many jobs you can post or promote

Get hundreds of applicants quickly and accurately

Post unlimited job postings throughout the year according to your needs

Highlight your job listings to attract more applicants quickly.

Extend your reach effortlessly to over 300 cities across Indonesia

Fast-Track Your Applicant Screening

Make your recruitment process twice as efficient with the KitaMatch feature. Let our AI do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your business.

Streamline Your Recruitment

With up to 92% faster screening times and AI-powered candidate recommendations, managing all your applicants has never been easier

Our centralized platform simplifies applicant management enabling you to efficiently process candidates from a single location

Collaborate Effortlessly Share access with your recruiting team for a seamless hiring experience.

"After using Recruitment Premium, Donat Bahagia saves up to 80% on recruitment costs and reaches up to 50x more applicants"


Handling operations with the help of technology, BRI Life succeeded in increasing time effectiveness by up to 80%


Google Play's Best App of 2022

Chosen as Google Play Best App 2022, KitaLulus stands out from the crowd

Here's what our clients say:

"Our go-to solution for recruitment challenges. The KitaLulus team is incredibly responsive, providing quick solutions and significantly speeding up our hiring with their job promotion feature. The quality of candidates we receive is consistently high, meeting our company's needs and leading to successful hires who stay with us long-term"

Brigita Fani

PT Primafood International

"Sebagai rekruter, Kami dituntut untuk dapat mengumpulkan dan menyaring banyak talent. Dengan menggunakan KitaLulus, pekerjaan kita sebagai rekruter menjadi semakin mudah. Apalagi sejak menggunakan KitaMatch, proses seleksi talent tidak membutuhkan waktu lama seperti sebelumnya."

Claudia Dian

PT. Tirtakencana Tatawarna (Avian Brands)

"Saya sudah menggunakan platform KitaLulus selama kurang lebih 3 bulan. Dan dalam 3 bulan tersebut, KitaLulus benar-benar membantu saya dalam mencari pelamar untuk posisi yang kami butuhkan. Penggunaan platformnya mudah, sangat intuitif untuk usernya. Dengan berbagai pengembangan yang diberikan, membuat KitaLulus semakin nyaman untuk digunakan."

Joshua Christian

PT Mandalatama Armada Motor

Discover the ease of finding the right candidates within 24 hours with KitaLulus Premium Recruitment

Start leveraging the best applicant recommendations and enjoy the benefits of unlimited job postings. Expand your reach across Indonesia, tapping into a vast pool of over 3 million applicants in more than 60 cities.

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